Super Pharm

Retail Warszawa 2021

The customer was always at the heart of the new brand design of Super-pharm. It is the customer that we sought new solutions and created shopping paths for, as we intended to make the time at the shop more enjoyable for the customer. But above all else, this customer-centric approach was aimed at guaranteeing a pleasant and positive experience while experiencing the brand. As part of this project, we drew on a group, empathetic approach by creating a concept that was not only modern, but also responded to the most important consumer needs, dynamically changing in today's reality; therefore, we made a research together with our partner company Omnisense. The chain combines the functions of a drug store, dermocentre and pharmacy. The common denominator for this wide range of products is water, which is an integral component and part of daily care. It became our main theme – the blue colour, together with such natural elements as wood, allude to the high quality of products on sale. In the vein of transparency and openness towards the customer, we also designed test and advice kiosks. The entirety is linked by clear communication and in-store navigation, making it easy to get your bearings around the chain's products and brands.

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Scope of cooperation:

  • audit and analysis
  • conceptual design
  • conceptual design
  • elements of in-store communication
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