Restaurants Kraków 2021

The prestigious location of Nakielny/Resto at Rynek Główny 36 required a unique setting, which was designed by our creative architect Izabela Kutyła. The work was primarily inspired by the historic interior of the building with its beautiful vaulted ceilings. We combined its Cracovian character with the characteristic elements of Nakielny, which brand incorporates black steel and the emblem of the café. We opted for a simple/classic colour scheme – shades of black and white, complemented by vibrant greenery and unique light fittings. This is the new format of Nakielny - Resto, which – thanks to its elegant interior and a menu expanded to include lunch dishes – will work both as a coffee haven during the day and as a place for a unique culinary and social experience in the evening. It is worth noting that the chain is taking the market by storm, as this is the 13th facility of Nakielny in the Royal City – we were involved in designing each and every one of them. We are also involved in implementations gradually coordinated by Karolina Zielińska- Uchto, who turns architects' visions into reality.

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