Restaurants Warszawa 2023

When creating the Bakery concept, we focused on the sweet Panettone product - an extraordinary cake from the Milan area immersed in the tradition and culture of Italy. Its interior, composed of various types of candied lemons, oranges and raisins, inspired us to create the interior colors - visible in specially designed tiles and the finish of the counter front. The colors were complemented by the addition of green accents (inspired by Italian herbs) as well as copper, which can be found in Italian dishes, creating both an energetic and elegant image of the cafe.

The concept also features an open kitchen, where customers can observe the bakers' manual work, both from the table and from the window itself, perfectly showing the interior of the Powiśle district. We also took care of the consumption zone, where we chose comfortable armchairs and chairs whose texture, color and comfort are intended to encourage people to stay in the premises and taste the menu.

Looking up, we will see a large number of light balls constituting the main lighting point of the premises, at the same time emphasizing the mentioned inspiration of Panettone, which matures and grows in the position of a hanging, inverted ball.

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